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Google Workspace Weaves Docs, Tasks, and Meet Together

Google is launching a slate of new features for its Workspace productivity suite today that connects Google Docs to other products. Just like you can tag people with an @ symbol, starting today, you can use it to specialize links inside docs that hook up other files or meetings. They’re part of what Google is calling the “smart canvas,” a new initiative that promises to increase the cadence of product improvements for Workspace.

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PointStar joins Asana Partners

PointStar, today announced it’s joined the newly launched Asana Partners, expanding Asana’s global Channel Partner network of trusted providers offering professional services to ensure success with Asana. Asana Partners help companies of all sizes enhance and advance their digital transformation efforts, enabling them to deploy with confidence, learn from experts and gain access to custom solutions.

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A Brief Inquiry Into Google Workspace Frontline

Google Workspace has arrived for frontline workers. Aptly dubbed Google Workspace Frontline, it is essentially Google’s collaboration and productivity suite built specifically for frontline employees. It gives frontline workers secure access, on any supported device, to the information they need to be at their best.

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The (Logitech) Gold Standard

With dramatic changes in how and where people work – and immediate needs for dispersed teams to collaborate effectively from anywhere – video conferencing has become a business imperative. From huddle spaces to hot desks, workstations to working from home – teams everywhere need to connect via video so they can collaborate at any moment.

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Study finds digitalised SMEs earned more in 2020

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that went through digitalisation in 2020 had stronger revenue growth and a far better outlook for 2021, consistent with a study by UOB. The UOB SME Outlook 2021 Study found that two in five SMEs that implemented digitalisation initiatives in 2020 had stronger revenue growth than non-adopters, with companies that digitalised their entire business or multiple areas outperforming those that digitalised just one area. Among non-adopters, six out of 10 saw their 2020 net revenue decline from 2019.

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The Sound of Progress & Productivity with Asana

With an increasingly distributed workforce, people have been working from home, from the office, from different geographies and in the cloud, and people working different shifts. Prior to the pandemic, there were several options for gaining insight into the productivity of the workforce, but remote working has thrown us a curveball and management can’t entirely track remote employees’ productivity using manual methods or policies. So how do we measure those metrics? How do we efficiently and accurately manage our team’s work? How do we evaluate and keep up with the productivity by members of our workforce?

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Digital Transformation: A Mark, A Mission, A Brand.

Here at PointStar, our goal has always been to digitally transform businesses through cloud solutions. We believe that cloud computing is an excellent way forward for companies to transform their businesses and stay efficient, lean and competitive in the marketplace. We have been committed to empowering companies across the Asia Pacific with the best cloud solutions so that they can concentrate on the things that matter most – their business.

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How Google keeps Cloud Storage 99.999999999% durable

For any cloud storage solution, one of the most fundamental aspects is durability which is how well the data is protected from loss or corruption. Google Cloud Storage has been designed for at least 99.999999999% annual durability or 11 nines. That means that even with one billion objects, you would likely go a hundred years without losing a single one.

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