AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

An AI Chatbot or conversational AI system by comparison is not only capable of understanding a customer’s intent, no matter how the question is phrased but is far more capable too. They can for example fill out forms, make recommendations, upsell, book appointments, even integrate with third-party or backend software like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to carry out further tasks.

Key areas where our AI Chatbot derives value to your organization

Immediate Response

Speed and convenience win over customers today, far more than the price. 75% of customers expect “now” service within five minutes of making contact online. Enterprise chatbots allow businesses to meet this demand by giving an immediate response to queries or issues.

Drive More Revenue

Intelligent chatbots guide customers on a buying journey, driving sales conversion and revenue. Advanced chatbots can remember customer preferences and provide advice, tips, and help, while gently upselling.

Reduce Costs

Chatbots help to reduce costs by enabling enterprises to service more customers without increasing their overheads. Virtual customer assistants can help curtail inbound queries by anything up to 40%, and often deliver first call resolution (FCR) rates far in excess of live agents.

Available 24/7

Customers want service now, 24/7, 365. They want to message you a question while waiting in line for coffee or use voice to make an online purchase while driving to work – and they want to do so using all of the devices and services they already use every day.

Increase Engagement

As customers start to favor online methods of communication, chatbots provide an opportunity to reignite the customer experience with increased engagement, personalized customer service, and improved customer satisfaction.

Understand the Customer Better

First-person, conversational data can be used to understand trends and better interpret customer sentiment, providing invaluable insight that informs product and service development. This data can be accessed at granular levels for individualization marketing purposes; right up to macro-level to identify overarching trends.

Build Differentiation

Chatbots help deliver a frictionless user experience that drives product differentiation through innovation, new levels of customer engagement, and an intuitive and fast interaction.

PointStar'S AI Chatbot consist of

Intelligent Understanding: is more than just correctly interpreting the user’s request. It’s about being able to instantly amalgamate other pieces of information such as geolocation or previous preferences into the conversation to deliver a more complete answer.

Intelligent Memory: allows our chatbot to remember pertinent details to reuse during a conversation or implicitly learn about a person to be reused later. For example, a mobile assistant might learn through previous requests and responses that the user clearly prefers Italian cuisine and so this information will be used when asked for restaurant recommendations in the future.

Sentiment Analysis: enables a chatbot to understand the mood of the customer and the strength of that feeling. This is particularly important in customer service type applications where it can be linked to complain escalation flows, and also can be used in other more trivial ways such as choosing which songs to play upon request.

Personality: can make a huge difference to engagement and the trust users place in the chatbot. While some companies choose to reinforce it using avatars, personality can easily be conveyed in the conversation alone.

Persistence: allows people to pick up a conversation where they last left off, even if they switch devices, making for a more natural and seamless user experience

Topic Switching: enables the user to veer off onto another subject, such as asking about payment methods while enquiring if a product is in stock. The conversational bot should also then be capable of bringing the user back on track if the primary intent is not reached.

Chatbots for Healthcare

Chatbots empowers developers in healthcare organizations to build and deploy AI-powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experiences at scale. It combines built-in medical databases with natural language capabilities to understand clinical terminology and support compliance requirements including HIPAA.

Chatbots for Banking

Numerous banks are leveraging Conversational AI to build voice-enabled apps to create differentiation in a highly regulatory-driven and parity industry.

Chatbots for Retail

Today’s customers demand quick responses. In such an environment, the idea of a chatbot-guided purchase experience has enormous potential. Chatbots eliminate the need for customers to visit a particular e-commerce site. Chatbots could allow customers to shop on their favorite store through a messaging platform.

Chatbots for Travel

The ease of making a booking is a huge differentiator in this parity-based industry. They were among the earliest to launch their e-commerce websites, a whole host of aggregator websites, and mobile apps.

To make the booking process more convenient, these companies are leveraging chatbots to target travelers on widely used channels like Facebook, Skype, Slack and Twitter.

Chatbots for Human Resource

Using chatbots allows HR staff to focus on higher priority initiatives and pressing issues. Teams have limited time left over to offer employees the individual attention they need when handling sensitive personal issues.

Chatbots for Food & Beverages

Purchases made in the food and beverage industry are usually of the ‘high involvement’ category and a customer is always king. Exceptional customer service is a critical ingredient in the business success recipe, and that is usually a combination of quality, consistency, speed, politeness, and several other factors. A negative social media campaign by a well-known foodie could cause havoc in the cash register.

Dialogflow on Google Cloud Platform

Interact naturally and accurately

Deliver more natural customer experiences with virtual agents that support multi-turn conversations with supplemental questions and are built with the deep learning technologies that power Google Assistant.

Build quickly, deploy universally

Reduce development time from days to minutes with a visual builder and prebuilt agents. Then easily deploy across your contact center and digital channels, including web, mobile, and messaging services.

Manage and scale with ease

Easily manage your virtual agents with end-to-end CI/CD through versioning and continuous evaluation and with flow-based modules that allow scaling up to 20 independent flows and 40,000 intents for each agent.

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