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Google acquires backup and disaster recovery company Actifio

Google has acquired Actifio, a leader in backup and disaster recovery (DR). This planned acquisition further demonstrates Google Cloud’s commitment to helping enterprises protect workloads on-premises and in the cloud. As organisations across industries sharpen their disaster preparedness strategies and infrastructure resiliency, Actifio’s business continuity solutions will help Google Cloud customers prevent data loss and downtime due to external threats, network failures, human errors and other disruptions.

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Automate complex tasks with Google Workflows

Nowadays, it takes a lot of work to run a company. Whether your company is processing e-commerce transactions, producing goods or delivering IT services, you need to manage the flow of work across a variety of systems. While it’s possible to manage those workflows manually or with general-purpose tools, doing so is much easier with a purpose-built product.

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Four ways to secure your Google Cloud Storage data

Cloud storage enables organisations to reduce costs and operational burden, scale faster and unlock other cloud computing benefits. At the same time, they must also ensure they meet privacy and security requirements to restrict access and protect sensitive information.

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New Google Meet landing page adds more options

Google has updated its Meet landing page to give more options when Google Workspace users join or start a meeting from When you click “New meeting,” you’ll now see the following three options:

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New automation with Apps Script on Google Workspace

Macros are a great way to start automating your work in Google Sheets. The magic behind the macro recorder is actually a lot more functional though. Behind the scenes, when you create a macro in Sheets, the recorder is actually converting your actions into Google Apps Script, the scripting platform that is used natively to automate Google Workspace. When you playback a macro, the Apps Script that was created is automatically run to reproduce the steps you originally created. As a macros user, however, you’ll never need to know how to use Apps Script. You can simply record and reuse a macro without ever knowing how the magic works.

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