Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization


Infrastructure modernization is the process of replacing legacy hardware solutions, consolidating and rationalizing the infrastructure footprint, building in automation, and migrating to new and improved cloud-native systems. Identify low-risk workloads and migrate the related VMs to Cloud. We can help you kick-start a larger migration program. Faster migration leads to faster innovation with lower cost for transformation.

Our infrastructure modernization services

VM Migration

VMWare as a Service


High Performance Computing

Microsoft on

Virtual desktop on GCP

Backup, DR and archival

Content delivery with Google Cloud

We Deliver the Value of Infrastructure Modernization


Google fiber globally with < 1MS SLAs between zones


Automation tools and flexible deployment options

As You Go

Virtualized infrastructure flexibility with committed use discounts

Minimize Downtime

Live migration allows for zero downtime VM maintenance


Partnership with leading data management, AI/ML and robotics capabilities

Our Infrastructure Modernization Services Scope

Multi-phased Migration Approach:
On-Prem → Hybrid → All-In

Phase 1

Production systems
Pre-production/DR systems
Very large non-prod systems

Development systems
Sandbox systems
Unit test systems
Small production systems

Phase 2

High performance production systems
Systems requiring to be co-located
Physical servers & legacy OS

All other systems

Phase 3


All systems

Scope of Work

Key Activities

Discovery tooling deployment

Provide guidance for deploying discovery tooling within your existing environment

Kickoff workshop

Provide key decision points on how the foundational technical configuration and operating model should be set up. Review discovery reports and discuss target candidate workloads and requirements.

Foundations setup

Assist with the build of the Cloud landing zone that will provide the core basis for migration with Migrate for Cloud Servers. Use the Cloud Foundation Toolkit to automate the deployment of a landing zone with basic networking, billing, monitoring, IAM, and security.

Migration planning

Outline plan for the migration sprints and details for before-and-after server configurations. Assist building Migrate for cloud server runbook(s), testing results, and sign-offs.

Weekly migration reports

Assist with best practices advisory to ensure successful migration

End-of-engagement review

Review progress made and identify potential future improvements.


Workload discovery report

A detailed list of the applications in scope for this migration.

Migration plan

A high-level plan with steps to migrate your application in scope.

Deployment progress reports

Reports on migration status at the beginning, middle, and end of the engagement.

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