Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery


In an always-on world, every second of downtime counts. A resiliency strategy that seamlessly responds to IT complexities and interdependencies across all cloud and on-premises resources can mean the difference.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service enable rapid recovery with continuous replication of critical applications, infrastructure and data to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery Planning Services

DR planning begins with a business impact analysis that defines two key metrics:

  • A recovery time objective (RTO), which is the maximum acceptable length of time that your application can be offline. This value is usually defined as part of a larger service level agreement (SLA)

  • A recovery point objective (RPO), which is the maximum acceptable length of time during which data might be lost from your application due to a major incident. This metric varies based on the ways that the data is used.

Requirement Study for DR Services

Capacity: securing enough resources to scale as needed.

Security: providing physical security to protect assets.

Network infrastructure: including software components such as firewalls and load balancers.

Support: making available skilled technicians to perform maintenance and to address issues.

Bandwidth: planning suitable bandwidth for peak load.

Facilities: ensuring physical infrastructure, including equipment and power.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Approach

Backup and DR Design Plan

Control Measures Implementations

Software provisioning

Infrastructure provisioning

Security and Compliance controls

Services Recovery Test Plan

Data Recovery Test Plan

Business Continuity

IT disaster recovery is a portfolio of policies, tools, and processes used to recover or continue operations of critical IT infrastructure, software, and systems after a natural or human-made disaster.

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