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PointStar makes cloud adoption easy. Since we became one of the Asia’s leading Google Partner in Southeast Asia in 2009, we have transformed hundreds of businesses and institutions. With many deployments under our belts, our consultants are no strangers to the G Suite environment. Utilising business best practices and methodologies we have created over the years, our team of certified G Suite consultants will support you in the process of change management and adoption strategies tailor-made to your business. We understand that every business’ requirements are unique and will adapt to your specific needs and budget.

Why Start Your Journey with PointStar?


Close Partnership with Google

We have a close partnership with Google, from whom we always receive updates on the latest business best practices to be incorporated into our methodology – meaning that we will be able to impart the knowledge and grant the best service your business expects.


Google Certified Team

We have a team of experienced G Suite experts who hold Deployment, Sales and Sales Engineers certifications.


Painless Migration

Migrating to Google with us is easy, as we know all the precautions to avoid the pitfalls. We also execute the appropriate deployment strategy to ensure business continuity.


Change Management

We help you manage the transition and train your teams to fully leverage the power of G Suite.


Smooth Transition

Many of our consultants were Microsoft and Lotus specialists prior to building their expertise in Google. This allows them to utilize their experience and knowledge of those systems to determine the best course of actions to ensure a smooth transition for our customers.


Easy Payment Option

We offer easy online & offline payment options denominated in local currency. You can even choose to wire transfer your payment to us. No credit cards required!

Our G Suite Services



Evaluating all the benefits of moving your business to G Suite can be a daunting task. PointStar is a G Suite reseller in Singapore and has the expertise to help all types of companies assess cloud migration in the context of their specific business needs.

Setup & Migration

Our G Suite Deployment specialists have developed a dependable and meticulous process to migrate your existing emails, contacts, and calendars to G Suite. With our years of experience, it does not matter which legacy platform (Office 365, Exchange or Lotus Notes) you're currently using – we know how to make the process easy and quick.


PointStar provides its clients with top-tier quality training and deployment services in G Suite to improve user experience and increase efficiency in their work environment.


Whether to address a basic question or more in-depth technical request for troubleshooting, we provide a variety of affordable support packages to make sure you always get the support you need.

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