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Build what's next. Better software. Faster.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is your one-stop cloud solution. Host and architect your applications on Google’s infrastructure and take advantage of all the innovation made available by one of the world’s most innovative engineering team to power your company’s infrastructure data analytics, and machine learning. All the while ensuring that everything is tailored to fit your industry, key workloads, company size, and level of expertise.

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul.

Powerful Data and Analytics

Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products.

Just Code

Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability, or performance.

Everything you need to build and scale.

Compute Engine
Virtual machines running in Google's data centre.
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Cloud Storage
Object storage that's secure, durable and scalable.
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Cloud SDK
Command line tools and libraries for Google Cloud.
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Cloud SQL
Relational database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
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Google Kubernetes Engine
Managed environment for running containerized apps.
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Data warehouse running on serverless infrastructure.
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Cloud CDN
Content delivery network for delivering web and video.
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Streaming analytics for stream and batch processing.
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Monitoring, logging, and application performance suite.
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Cloud Run
Fully managed environment to run stateless containers.
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Cloud Functions
Event-driven compute platform for cloud services and apps.
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Google Cloud Platform Project Funding

PointStar is at your service by offering free consultations with our GCP-certified expert, plus up to USD$5,000 funding towards your Google Cloud Platform project.