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Google Cloud Partner?

We have certified experience to successfully deliver Google Cloud solutions to our customers.


Work with a Google Cloud partner that best fits your organization’s needs.


Collaborate with a partner that has the right industry background to unlock your next level of business growth.


Have the confidence to tackle your toughest business challenges with the support of a partner with proven success.

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Our teams are certified, earned Expertise, and achieved Specialization have the Google-validated skills to help you achieve your goals.




Specialization is the highest technical designation a partner can earn. Partners who have achieved a Specialization in a solution area have an established Google Cloud services practice, consistent customer success, and proven technical capabilities, vetted by Google and a third-party assessor.

PointStar Specializations in:

  Work Transformation

Partners with the Expertise designation have demonstrated proficiency and have exhibited customer success through the combination of  experience in a specific industry, workload, or product.

PointStar Expertise by:

  Work Transformation

  Google Cloud Productivity

  Google Meet

  Google Cloud Compute

Partners with teams of Google Cloud Certified individuals have the validated technical knowledge and advanced skills to address your businesses needs through implementing Google Cloud technologies.

PointStar Certified for:

  Google Certified Cloud Architect

  Google Certified Data Engineer

  Google Certified Collaboration Engineer

  Google Certified Educator Trainer

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