Meraki adds flexible privacy windows for MV cameras

privacy windows

Cisco Meraki has introduced a new feature to its MV series security cameras called privacy windows. This flexible tool allows users to draw up to 10 boxes within a single camera feed to mask out sensitive areas. From desks that contain confidential materials to hospital rooms and beyond, users can now ensure flexible privacy across an entire deployment.

Best of all, for customers looking to increase retention or fine tune analytics data, privacy windows will block motion and person detection. This means users can cover areas of persistent motion, like a ceiling fan or a lobby display screen in conjunction with enabling motion-based retention settings to maximise storage. Areas outside of a particular shop display can be masked so these zones are excluded from people-counting data.

To enable this feature, users simply navigate to an individual camera feed and select the ‘Settings’ tab. Then scroll to ‘Privacy Window’ and draw up to 10 boxes within the video feed. These boxes can overlap to cover irregularly shaped areas.

See how simple it is to take advantage this new feature. If you have any questions or would like to know how to get your hands on a risk free trial of MV, click here.

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