Google Cloud acquires Cornerstone Technology

Google Cloud has acquired Cornerstone Technology to better help customers migrate their mainframe workloads to Google Cloud. Cornerstone’s capabilities will improve Google Cloud’s mainframe-to-GCP solutions and customers are able to take advantage of these new capabilities now through Google‘s Professional Services Organization and partner network. 

Cornerstone solutions bring a number of benefits to customers as they modernise their infrastructure and applications on Google Cloud:

  • Migration roadmap development—Conduct an assessment on your entire mainframe environment, find the macro and the microservices, and create a roadmap to a modern services architecture, making it easy to plan your path to the cloud.
  • Conversion flexibility (“any-to-any”)—Convert any language to any other language and any database to any other database to prepare your applications for modern environments.
  • Automated data migration—Easily move your mainframe data, unlocking its value to drive new innovative use cases in data analytics and data warehousing. 

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