Gmail gets new compose formatting and download feature

Google has added three new features to Gmail that will make composing emails better than before. The new features include new undo/redo shortcut buttons, new strikethrough shortcut button and the ability to download messages as .EML files in rfc822 format from Gmail on the web.

If you need to undo an action, like if you accidentally delete the content of your draft of an email, you can do so straight from the compose view. Anytime you have undo, you want to also have the option of redo, so Google has added that as well.

Strikethrough is a visual cue that something has been completed or can be used as an edit suggestion. This functionality is critical to quickly and efficiently write emails, especially when you want to visually indicate a change in language.

The .EML format is recognised by other email clients, allowing you to view the Gmail content along with attachments within these clients. In addition, with this functionality users can now add these downloaded messages as attachments in their emails.

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