Samudera Shipping Line Ltd
Drives Resilient Business Continuity with Google Cloud

Samudera Shipping Line Ltd (SSL), an integrated shipping company operating across Asia, emphasizes the importance of a reliable and secure IT infrastructure for business continuity. To enhance digital transformation, SSL has adopted a cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) site, facilitated by Google Cloud VMware Engine and Google Cloud Backup and DR Service. This strategic move aims to ensure seamless operations in the event of cyber-attacks or physical disasters, eliminating data loss and downtime. SSL chose this cloud-based solution over an on-premise data center due to cost considerations and operational challenges. 

With the help of a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner, PointStar, SSL decided to build a DR site with cutting-edge technologies, Google Cloud VMware Engine and Google Cloud Backup and DR Service. The goal was to achieve a cost-efficient, seamless, scalable and on-demand automated DR in less than 3 months.

Mubarak adds that it was critical to have a trusted and collaborative partner to build the DR site to drive continuous improvement. “PointStar is actively engaged with us in the entire end-to-end process” he says. “They’re not here to implement and leave. They are here to support us for the entire journey.”

With shipping lines, warehouse operations, and logistics coordination required for supply chains, we simply can't afford to experience outages or data loss that would impact our customers. Google Cloud VMware Engine and Google Cloud Backup and DR give us the resilience in ensuring our business continuity to drive digital transformation.

Driving resilience for shipping and logistics services

SSl operates its entire operations from an on-premise data center utilizing VMware virtual machines. The organization has implemented Google Cloud Backup and DR to safeguard VMware VMs, creating snapshots stored on Google Cloud Storage. This solution, with incremental forever backup technology and instant data access capabilities, reduces Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by half, offering a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The adoption of Google Cloud VMware Engine supports SSL’s lift and transform migration strategy to Google Cloud, avoiding the need to re-architect legacy applications. This approach focuses on driving innovation, enhancing IT operations team productivity, and improving core business speed. SSL benefits from the on-demand VMware environment, enabling quick recovery of applications stored in Cloud Storage and prompt resumption of business operations.

The flexibility of maintaining a familiar VMware environment eliminates the necessity to re-architect critical legacy applications, allowing SSL to build a disaster recovery (DR) solution in less than 3 months compared to the 6 to 9 months required for an alternative on-premise data center. Operating costs are significantly reduced by 2X, as opposed to deploying servers in a 24/7 on-premise DR Data Centre. Google Cloud VMware Engine and Google Cloud Backup and DR collaborate seamlessly to provide a comprehensive DR solution.

SSL attains a faster, more resilient, and auto-scalable DR environment with Google Cloud VMware Engine, minimizing potential downtime. Mubarak Ali, Head of Infra and Database Administrator at SSL, expresses confidence in the solution, stating that it allows SSL to elastically scale resources based on business needs, providing added value for shipping lines and logistics customers.

With an on-demand Google Cloud VMware Engine, there are no modifications required on the application, and no billing until it's needed. This is the big advantage of a Google Cloud DR site that we can't expect from an on-premise data center.

Samudera Shipping Line Ltd, the shipping arm of Samudera Indonesia Tbk, operates primarily in the container shipping and bulk and tanker business segments, specializing in transporting containerized and non-containerized cargo. Its vessels currently ply trade routes connecting various ports in Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Far East, and the Middle East. Alongside its shipping operations, the company provides a range of logistics solutions to cater to its customers’ diverse needs, including warehousing, freight forwarding, and cargo handling services, ensuring seamless end-to-end solutions within Asia.



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