Samator is a company engaged in the gas industry and as the largest industrial gas company in Indonesia, this company has been accredited with SGS ISO 9001: 2000.

Under the auspices of PT Aneka Gas Industri, Samator has been a specialist gas producer for three decades. With production facilities spread across Bali, East Java, Central Java, West Java, East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra.

Supported by a distribution network of more than 60 filling stations in cities in Indonesia with more than 60 tank trucks and 15 industrial gas plants spread throughout the archipelago.

Samator has worked hard to create a strong network by building air separation factories in many provinces such as West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sumatra and Sulawesi.

Pocketing the vision of being able to expand the business area and develop service products and technology, Samator seeks to realise the vision embedded in the company by cooperating with PointStar for the implementation of G Suite. Samator started using G Suite at the end of last year to prioritise collaboration, effectiveness and synchronization between devices.

Having a total employee of more than three thousand people, Samator wants to guarantee that communication and synchronisation work will go smoothly.

The biggest problem (in my opinion) is the problem of collaboration, so beforehand, if we want to collaborate on one document it is very difficult

Collaborating in one document becomes a major obstacle for Samator employees. With thousands of employees spread across the country, adequate collaboration facilities are needed in order to cut down on wasted time that can be diverted to other jobs. When trying to access the same document, it takes a long time, due to the inadequate collaboration features.

Samator, which started its business since 1975, felt that business processes could be accelerated from production to distribution that could be carried out in real-time in this era of digital technology. If the first business process can be done in a matter of hours or days, now it can be in seconds.

Since switching to G Suite, business processes that are expected to be carried out quickly can be implemented in the company. Whatever is done by people in other divisions, the team can immediately find out and can change it right away, in the same document.

The production report applied at the company led by Arief Harsono has used digital technology. Every person who gets a change of work shift can immediately make an update in the same log sheet along with the results obtained every hour.

Not only in terms of collaboration, Samator also considers the uptime factor which is a measure of how long the server is running to ensure that the business can continue to operate without technical interruption.

The uptime in G Suite is according to Google’s service level agreement (that is) 99%, the best though.

The email system used by Samator previously only had an uptime of 95%, so at the time of 5% downtime and the user could not send email and could not access email from anywhere.

There are three points, the first is collaboration, the second is time effectiveness and the third is synchronisation between devices, so it’s easier.

One more point is about time and cost-efficiency. By using this cloud-based software, face-to-face meetings can be reduced in intensity and replaced with online-based meetings with filling heads scattered throughout the region.

PointStar, as Google’s premiere partner in Indonesia, have helped Samator carry out digital transformations. 1,737 users have successfully migrated to G Suite. Assisted by the PointStar team who visited Samator’s office directly to provide comprehensive training on products available in G Suite.

“Not (just) training, but train the trainer, so finally (our people) who have been trained by PointStar can train Google Suite to other employees in Samator,” concluded Imelda Harsono.

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