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MyRepublic provides ultra-fast internet service to over 50,000 homes and businesses in Singapore. In 2014, they started offering fibre broadband services in New Zealand, followed by Indonesia, and  launched in Australia at the end of 2016. They are looking to launch in other NBN-ready nations too. With this, they look to bring out the amazing potential of fibre NBNs, to empower everyone with amazing connectivity, and to bring people the very best of the web.

Challenges in collaboration from rapidly-expanding company

Collaboration in an expanding company with many regional subsidiaries can present several challenges. Firstly, communication can become complex as the company grows and branches out into different regions, often resulting in language barriers, time zone differences, and cultural nuances that can impede effective collaboration. Coordinating efforts and aligning goals across various subsidiaries can also be challenging, as each region may have its own unique operating procedures, policies, and management styles. This can lead to inconsistencies in workflows, decision-making processes, and outcomes. Additionally, maintaining a unified company culture and fostering a sense of camaraderie among employees can be difficult when teams are dispersed across different locations, potentially resulting in silos and lack of cohesion. And as an emerging service in SEA and ANZ, MyRepublic faced those challenges all the same.

“One of the key challenges for MyRepublic is the fact we operate in multiple countries... and when you operate in multiple countries, collaboration becomes a big problem." Mr. Eugene Yeo, Group CIO, MyRepublic (Singapore)

Consolidation of MyRepublic's multiple subsidiaries with G Suite (now Google Workspace)

MyRepublic found success in collaborating with teammates through consolidating their multiple subsidiaries with G Suite.

This consolidation streamlines communication and information sharing, allowing teams from different regional subsidiaries to collaborate seamlessly in real-time. The ability to co-edit documents, share files, and collaborate on projects in a centralized environment facilitates efficient teamwork, eliminates version control issues, and reduces the need for excessive email exchanges. G Suite also provides robust communication and video conferencing capabilities, which bridge the gap of time zone differences and language barriers, enabling effective virtual collaboration. The cloud-based nature of G Suite allows for easy access to files and information from anywhere, fostering flexibility and agility in a global workforce. 

We decided to appoint PointStar to help MyRepublic move to G Suite knowing that the platform has the security mechanism that we are looking for so it was a perfect move.

Overall, MyRepublic’s move to consolidate their multiple subsidiaries with G Suite promoted collaboration, enhanced productivity, and fostered a cohesive and collaborative work culture across the entire organization.

MyRepublic is 100% Singapore-grown startup, and is the world’s first telecom company purpose-built for optical fibre NBNs (Nationwide Broadband Network). In 2011, MyRepublic started to leverage the Singapore’s exciting Next Gen NBN roll-out – the first of many NBNs happening in the Asia Pacific region. Today they are probably best known as the pioneer of Singapore and South Asia’s first 1Gbps fibre broadband plan under S$50.



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