Go-Jek uses G Suite Enterprise for Enhanced Security and DLP

Founded in 2010, GO-JEK is an Indonesian business that has grown from a call centre for dispatching of goods by motorcycle or taxi to the owner of apps that provide transport, logistics and payment services to the residents in Indonesian cities.

As a service-based business, it is important for Go-Jek to ensure the services they offer are meeting the needs of the people and could adapt quickly to the current trends. One such need is security, and it’s also crucial to have a good working environment internally where a centralised data storage is needed to enable employees from different departments to access and share documents.

Go-Jek engaed PointStar so they can get the most out of Google G Suite. The company upgraded their 6,500 employees to G Suite Enterprise to enjoy the extra benefits such as unlimited cloud storage as well as Google Vault for archiving and Data Loss Prevention.

With G Suite, it allows Go-Jek to restructure their organisation unit to apply policies according to job roles.

Documents and files can be scanned easily to ensure no sensitive data or files are distributed mistakenly to third parties with the help of Data Loss Prevention (DLP). All team members also can access the shared data and documents which belongs to the team instead of individuals.

Things I benefited from G Suite is the automation of the module and features updates. It’s efficient and practical.

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