Why choose managed cloud services

managed cloud services

Managed services have come a long way from their origins as break/fix maintenance services. Once considered simply a way for resource-constrained IT organisations to offload the less desirable grunt work, today’s managed services represent a collaborative effort between service provider and customer. The provider contributes technology, expertise and experience while the customer provides ongoing input based on its unique business objectives. 

All IT domains including security, network and data centre are seeing an increase in managed services adoption but none is growing faster than managed cloud services. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the cloud managed services market size is projected to grow from USD 27.15 billion in 2017 to USD 53.78 billion by 2022. Whether you’ve encountered challenges implementing your cloud strategy or you’re looking to maximise the return on your cloud investment, managed cloud services may be the answer.

Qualified experts

Public cloud burst onto the market nearly a decade ago with the promise of simplicity. However, as organisations build hybrid environments that extend across multiple clouds and data centre facilities, they have discovered that planning, designing, implementing and managing an effective cloud strategy is harder than it seems.

An expert provider contributes knowledge across multiple cloud providers and applications and can work with you to optimise deployments across the entire lifecycle including workload assessment and migration, design and deployment, ongoing management, even governance and compliance. The managed cloud provider ensures that fully qualified experts are always working on your behalf.

Focus on what matters most

Organisations are transforming their business processes and operations to add value in a fast-paced, global service economy. Once simply a manager of technology assets, IT leaders are now taking responsibility to drive the organisation’s move into the digital age. 

With a managed cloud service partner taking responsibility for deploying and managing cloud services, IT staff is able to focus on innovative solutions. For public sector organisations, innovation can include new ways to engage with constituents and provide added value. For commercial organisations, it can mean new routes to market and greater customer satisfaction.

Optimised deployment

Organisations are discovering that a managed cloud service provider enables them to better predict and control cloud costs by ensuring that workloads are placed in the optimal deployment model and service. The right managed services provider can ensure that your hybrid cloud workloads are continually optimised, utilising the right provider, service, or even on-premises infrastructure to deliver the price-performance you need.

Valuable insights

In many organisations, IT expenses are no longer considered overhead to be shared among all departments. Instead, organisations are making strategic decisions based on actual costs per project, workload or department. Both technical managers and their business colleagues require uniform and granular visibility into how their workloads are performing, regardless of the resources consumed or the deployment model.

The right managed services partner will offer access to a sophisticated technology platform that provides granular visibility and reporting, enabling both IT and business managers to make smart decisions.

The right solution for your needs

As organisations transform to meet the evolving requirements of the digital age, they are realising that cloud’s value is not as a single solution for a specific application but as a foundation for strategic growth and change. In the future, you’ll be asking more from your cloud deployments including connections to other applications, database and workloads, regardless of where they are developed. 

The right partner will provide a sophisticated technology platform to orchestrate your cloud services into an effective hybrid cloud. Such a foundation will enable you to leverage a full range of technologies and applications via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). More importantly, it will continue to evolve, ensuring your organisation can take advantage of new technologies and standards that have yet to be developed.

The “new IT” is all about partnerships: leveraging technologies and services from a variety of sources to deliver the resources your constituents need, quickly and cost-effectively. Make sure managed cloud services are part of your strategy. With the right managed cloud services partner, you can trust that your cloud workloads are managed optimally, according to your unique priorities. And you can devote your own technical resources to solving problems and bringing innovative solutions to market thus preparing your organisation for the future.

Managed Cloud Services

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