Increase productivity with G Suite Add-ons

G Suite Add-ons

Bring your favourite workplace apps to G Suite with the new G Suite Add-ons and streamline your work. Add-ons help you complete tasks directly from the G Suite app you’re in, rather than needing to toggle from one app to the other.

G Suite Add-ons also surface relevant information and suggest actions based on what you’re working on. For example: a salesperson can find customer info from their CRM tool while drafting a strategy doc, an engineer can add tasks to their project management app directly from Gmail and a recruiter can consult their hiring pipeline while scheduling interviews in Calendar.

Find dozens of add-ons from popular enterprise developers like Copper, Box, Workfront, Asana, DocuSign, and more. Add-ons will appear in the side panel across G Suite apps and help you complete entire workflows without the need to switch back and forth between multiple apps.

G Suite Add-ons give you control over when and what information is shared with third-party apps. Admins can whitelist the add-ons that meet their business needs, install them for the whole domain, and manage their permissions from the G Suite Admin Console.

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