Google Introduces Hangouts Meet Hardware

Google has introduced Hangouts Meet hardware that brings high-quality video meetings to businesses. The hardware includes a touchscreen controller, a speakermic, a 4K camera and an ASUS Chromebox.

Hangouts Meet Hardware

The new controller has a touchscreen that enables people to join scheduled meetings easily, control the camera and present from a laptop via HDMI. The speakermic is able to eliminate echo and background noise to output clear and crisp sound. What’s cool about the speakermic is its ability to daisy-chain up to five units to cover bigger meeting rooms while reducing wire clutter at the same time. Google has integrated machine learning into the 4K camera to allow it intelligently detect people and zoom in automatically. For small rooms, its wide 120-degree view lens is able to capture everyone at the table without breaking a sweat.

Full details on the new Hangouts Meet hardware is available at Google’s blog.

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