Google Cloud introduces TensorFlow Enterprise

tensorflow enterprise

Google Cloud has introduced TensorFlow Enterprise to address the needs of AI-enabled businesses. It incorporates enterprise-grade support, cloud-scale performance and managed services.

TensorFlow Enterprise includes long-term version support. For certain versions of TensorFlow, Google will provide security patches and select bug fixes for up to 3 years. These versions will be supported on Google Cloud and all patches and bug fixes will be available in the mainline TensorFlow code repository.

For customers where AI is their business, Google has an additional offering. TensorFlow Enterprise offers a white-glove service to help these cutting-edge customers tackle their biggest AI challenges. It includes engineer-to-engineer assistance from both Google Cloud and TensorFlow teams at Google.

The service also includes Deep Learning VMs (GA) and Deep Learning Containers (Beta) which make it simple to get started and scale. Both products are compatibility-tested and performance optimised for Google’s wide range of NVIDIA GPUs and custom-designed AI processor, the Cloud TPU. One such performance improvement is in data throughput. In order to feed these accelerators, TensorFlow Enterprise optimisations have increased data reading times by up to 3x, drastically accelerating workloads. 

TensorFlow Enterprise offers the same optimised experience and enterprise-grade features across Google Cloud managed services, like Kubernetes Engine and AI Platform. Whatever stage of development you’re in, from development to deployment, Google Cloud offers an end-to-end workflow on TensorFlow. 

Learn more about this new service from Google Cloud here.

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