Google adds AI to Hire

Google has announced a new release for its recruiting tool, Hire which now incorporates artificial intelligence (AI). Three new features have been highlighted in the new Hire.

The first of which is auto scheduling interviews. Recruiters and recruiting coordinators spend a lot of time managing interview logistics like finding available time on calendars, booking rooms, and pulling together the right information to prep interviewers. To streamline this process, Hire now uses AI to automatically suggest interviewers and ideal time slots, reducing interview scheduling to a few clicks.

Other than that, Hire is able to auto-highlight resumes. A huge portion of recruiters’ time is spent reviewing resumes. Google found that they were frequently using “Ctrl+F” to search for the right skills as they scanned through a resume, a repetitive, manual task that could easily be automated. Using AI, Hire now automatically analyses the terms in a job description or search query and auto-highlights them on resumes, including synonyms and acronyms.

Another feature available on Hire is click-to-call candidates. Whether they’re screening candidates, conducting interviews, or following-up on offers, recruiters often have dozens of phone conversations each day. This means spending a lot of time searching for phone numbers or logging notes. Hire now simplifies every phone conversation with click-to-call functionality, and automatically logs calls so team members know who has spoken with a candidate.

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