G Suite tips for office newbies

For office newbies, adapting to a new office is the first thing you do the moment you decide to move or start a new job. Of course, the management will provide training to give you an initial idea on the organisation and tasks you’ll be handling.

In addition to the training, G Suite can aid the training and adaptation process. Below are a few G Suite tips to help new recruits adapt quickly to the new working environment.

To-do list with Google Keep


With Google Keep, you can see what there is you should know and do during orientation. Keep can store notes in the cloud and you can organise it according to your needs. You can also share checklists with your colleagues and let them add to it.

Shared resources on Team Drives

Google Drive is a great cloud storage to save important documents. Once granted access, you can explore the Team Drives and look at some of the essential files like company profile and letterheads. So, you don’t need to keep bugging your co-workers for a particular document you’re looking for. Everything is right there on Team Drives.

Company updates on Google Sites

office newbies

A company intranet is vital to keep employees up-to-date with the latest news relating to the company and the industry. As a newcomer to the company, this is where you learn about the different departments and the people who are going to be working with you. So, you better check it out regularly to be on top of things in the office.

Socialise on Google+


It is difficult to remember the names of your new colleagues especially if the company has more than 50 employees. That is why you should get connected with Hangouts and Google+. From there, you can see a list of names of all your colleagues and communities available for you to join. You can even create your very own Harry Potter fan community and get your coworkers with the same interest to join (if that is your thing).

Make a request via Google Forms

office newbies

On your first day at the company, the HR department will require your personal details to keep in their employee profile. This once tedious process is now replaced with Google Forms. You can quickly fill in your details and send it to the HR representative as well as yourself as a copy with just a click of a button.

Once you’re in the system, you can now make requests also via Google Forms. Office supplies and office maintenance can easily be taken care of without having you to leave your seat and going all the way up to the HR office.

It is never easy to get use to a new office. With all the new faces and new environment, it could be a daunting task. Hopefully, with these tips, it could ease your way into your new workplace and get you up to speed with the rest of your colleagues.

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