4 Security Benefits of Cloud Computing

Google Suite, or G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for work) is a premier email server and overall software suite for businesses. It is regarded as the best due to its cloud functions and various productivity programs. While many businesses used to be scared of migrating to the cloud due to lack of security knowledge and worry that access from home would increase risk, the truth is your email hosting and other documents are and always be completely safe. As a matter of fact, they might be even safer in the cloud compared to your on-premise hard wares.

Strict Security Standards

The first benefit you get is that your cloud email server is built to stricter standards than average servers. Due to the overall fear and easy access, the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, demands that cloud servers be built to exacting standards that ensures the highest level of security. This means that cloud computer is by its very nature made to be more secure by including additional support, administrative programs and verification processes that simply are not found with regular servers.

Minimized Human Error

Do you know how most hackers get into email hosting servers? They steal hard information. They might go through the trash for user names and passwords, or they might be bold enough to steal a company laptop that has access to your server. If you don’t believe this is a problem, then you’d be astounded to know that an average of 800,000 laptops are lost every year at airports.

The difference between a regular laptop and one with a cloud program is that cloud ones require more stringent verification before they allow users access. Unless the employee wrote his or her user name and password in a text document and saved it on their desktop, security shouldn’t be a concern.

Layered Security

Aside from its exacting standards, cloud computer takes a layered approach to security. The general rule is that if you have one type of security measure, then it will be easily broken through persistence. Hackers are having a harder time with cloud servers though because they include numerous types of security and it’s very difficult to crack all of them before being discovered. The first is encryption, which ensures that even if they are able to sneak a few files out of the server, they will be in special characters unless the hacker can find the encryption key. Then there’s strong access controls, key management, and superior security intelligence. This approach makes it very hard for hackers to get what they want.

DoS Protection

If you know anything about hacking techniques, then Denial of Service, or DoS, attacks should strike fear in your heart. This is an organized attack where the hacker will use hundreds or thousands or zombie computers, or systems they have taken control of, to send requests to your network. They can be hard to spot because the requests will seem legitimate at first until they overwhelm your server and cause everything to crash. A DoS attack can leave you crippled for hours or even days.

The difference with cloud computing is that you have a much larger network on your side. Not only can cloud servers take more requests without slowing down, but the security standards ensure that many of these false requests are blocked and evenly distributed throughout the network to reduce harm.

Cloud is More Secure than Legacy Systems

Stop being worried about security and start looking for a Google Apps reseller in Singapore, Indonesia. Cloud computing has some amazing security standards that will keep you going even during strong hacker attacks. Not only that, but Google Apps gives you access to some of the best programs on the market that all of your employees can benefit from.

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