4 Useful Facebook Marketing Tips and Updates

Facebook Marketing

I think it’s safe to say that every e-commerce marketer wants to enjoy a spell of social media success. I mean, when your brand is all over Facebook, the walls, the flags, the people. That’s when you can reach a state of nirvana, plus they said Facebook marketing is always ON!

However, getting to that point is easier said than done. Many marketers started by creating Facebook page, throw some pictures and texts, then call it a day; thinking that they’ve done good, when as a matter of fact, they’re missing out on a great opportunity. I’m going to be honest, while Facebook does have the ability to make advertising more appealing and a tad bit less tedious, its newest features looks like its got some potential.

1. Custom Audiences

Facebook lets you create custom lists for your targeting needs. These include, email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook ID’s. You can also use it to target connections with people who have interacted with your page and even their friends of connections. Best of all, Facebook allows you to select customers who have visited your website or mobile app.

2. Excluding Audiences

Common sense tells me that if you don’t ship outside of your native country, then international buyers won’t really add value. There’s no point in targeting them. Stuff that Facebook tracks, like gender, age, education, buying patterns and such are examples of what you want to exclude. You don’t want to attract the wrong target, is the point I’m making.

3. Get Creative

With the introduction of cover photos and timelines, why not make it appealing to the eyes of the viewers. You can add call to actions on your cover photo, make interesting posts and be downright on the wild side. Just make sure you don’t go over the top, and remember to add value first.

4. Retargeting

If you’re on a budget, it would make sense to target the customers on your existing website. Those in your “good boy/girl” list are the ones you should appeal to if this was the case. Once you’ve got a bigger budget, you can always move up a notch and start with connections.

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