2018 Year-in review


Two thousand eighteen has been a great year for us at PointStar. We’ve been hard at work guiding, deploying, managing and training organisations in their quest for digital transformation. More companies are now reaping the benefits of making the transition to the cloud and we are proud to be a part of their journey.

Go-Jek is one great example of a successful digital transformation. Thanks to G Suite, they’ve ditched their old ways of communicating and put in place an all-in-one solution that fits their every need.

With all the hard work, it’s also important to have fun. As the saying goes, “work hard, play hard”. We had our annual company outing in March. This time it’s a little bit special because of PointStar’s 10th anniversary. We had a good time at Universal Studios Singapore, enjoying the rides with all of the team from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Speaking of Malaysia, we’ve finally set foot in Kuala Lumpur with the opening of our new office in Shah Alam. With the new office, we’ve managed to expand our market and bring more cloud solutions and services to businesses.

Another milestone for the company is when we’ve launched our new website. With the aim of serving our customers better than ever before, we’ve redesigned the whole site from the ground up. We’ve also added an online store to make it easier for customers to purchase hardware and licenses.

Obviously, it would be silly of us to write all of our achievements for the year 2018. So, we’ve made a short video instead.

What’s next?

For 2019, we strive to outdo ourselves once again and bring more solutions and services to make your digital transformation journey easier and worthwhile. With so much headway being made last year in the cloud industry in the APAC region alone, it will be an important year for us to take the initiative and promote the cloud to businesses to keep up with the evolving market.

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