Google adds Amazon Redshift to BigQuery Data Transfer Service

Redshift to BigQuery

Google has added Amazon Redshift to BigQuery Data Transfer Service. That means you can now automate data movement to BigQuery, so you can lay the foundation for a cloud data warehouse without writing a single line of code.

Data and schema migration from Redshift to BigQuery is provided by a combination of the BigQuery Data Transfer Service and a special migration agent running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and can be performed via UI, CLI or API. In the UI, Redshift to BigQuery migration can be initiated from BigQuery Data Transfer Service by choosing Redshift as a source. 

The migration process has three steps: 

  1. UNLOAD from Redshift to S3—The GKE agent initiates an UNLOAD operation from Redshift to S3. The agent extracts Redshift data as a compressed file which helps customers minimise the egress costs. 
  2. Transfer from S3 to Cloud Storage—The agent then moves data from Amazon S3 to a Cloud Storage bucket using Cloud Storage Transfer Service. 
  3. Load from Cloud Storage to BigQuery—Cloud Storage data is loaded into BigQuery (up to 10 million files).

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