Google Meet Hardware License FAQ

Questions about Google Meet Hardware License?

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When you order Google Meet hardware, for each device you order, you also purchase a software license for that device. Purchasing the device and the license both take place during the same order process.

When you enroll Google Meet hardware, the enrollment process automatically assigns one of your available licenses to the device. If you don’t have any licenses available, you can’t enroll the device.

You can view the number of licenses currently in use in the Google Admin console under Billing.

If you have questions about renewals, contact us at Your license(s) will not automatically renew through Google.

When your renewal date is approaching, Google sends you a reminder email. To renew your license contact your Google Sales representative or the reseller from whom you purchased Google Meet hardware.

If you purchase more than one Google Meet hardware license, all your licenses will renew on the renewal date of the first license you purchased. For all licenses after the first one, the initial licensing period and associated cost are prorated to match the renewal date.

Note: Your Google Meet hardware license renewal date is different from your other Google Workspace renewals dates. Those licenses renew separately.

You may need to switch a license from an existing device to a new one if the device hardware fails, or is replaced by a different model.

Deprovision the old device (this allows the license to be used for a new device).
Complete the Basic Enrollment for the new device.
Note: The available license will be applied to the new device, but the settings from the old unit will not be applied to the new one.

Tip: You can re-enroll a device that was deprovisioned, if necessary.

If your organization’s network domain changes, all existing licenses can be redistributed from the old domain to the new one. Contact Google Cloud Support for assistance.

In general, all licenses must be transferred to the new domain. Google does not allow partial redistribution.

Requirements for a full license transfer are:

  1. All licenses must be moved from to
  2. Before the transfer, cannot have any active CFM licenses
  3. cannot be a domain on the free version of Google Workspace

Failure to renew
Failure to renew your provisioned licenses at the end of your term will result in your management service being suspended. You will be given a grace period to renew your licenses. If you don’t renew your licenses in this period, your managed Google Meet hardware devices and service will be automatically deprovisioned.

Device delinquency and deprovisioning
During your grace period, you will not be able to change management settings or take actions other than deprovisioning with devices. When your grace period expires, the related device management section will no longer be accessible within the Admin console. Additionally, any device that was still in a ‘Provisioned’ state at the end of your grace period will be moved to a delinquent state and will no longer sync policies. If you re-purchase licenses, all delinquent devices will automatically re-activate.