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Simple, elegant and reliable. Top off your collection of G Suite with Google’s very own; Chromebook Laptop. The state of the art laptops are practical and comes with an array of familiar features, so transitioning from another operating system to the Chromebook is simple.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to simplicity. Chromebooks come equipped with Google’s best apps, including Gmail, Docs and Drive. All your timely demands are met, as the Chromebook comes equipped with virus protection, so there’s no need to run back and forth to your local IT store. It also comes with long lasting battery and no clutter, so you can make it through the day.

Up to the minute
To be reliable means to also be kept up to date. That’s why the Chromebook is automatically updated with the most cutting edge softwares and programs. Its built in virus protection also gets its daily shine as it helps your Chromebook fight off the most vigorous viruses. Best of all, the Chromebook gets better with age, as it won’t slow down over time.

No time to wait
Having a Google account will simply suffice with the Chromebook. Forget long setups, or load times and badgering updates. Like taking paper out of an envelope, just flip it open and get down to business.

Pick up where you left off as the Chromebook automatically syncs your files and work in real time. Anytime you log into a Google account, the Chromebook will automatically track and save that progress, even if it’s on an Android phone or tablet. So your stuff stays with you – even when your laptop doesn’t.

One of Chromebook’s most valuable assets come from its ability to sync work and simply allow users to share files and edit them in real time. Using the most advanced cloud technology, you can edit work with multiple people without wasting a minute. Share and get to work.

Since everything is stored in the cloud, files and documents can be easily found and retrieved even when one loses or crashes their laptop.

Chromebook gives the best of Google right at your fingertips.

For What Matters Most

As Google Cloud Partner, PointStar offers the full range of Google Chromebook at all kinds of shapes and sizes – so you can get the right computer for your business.

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