Manage your cloud documents with AODocs

So, you work with a lot of documents (not to mention cloud documents) and have a hard time managing all of it. Enter AODocs – the solution to all your document needs.

What is AODocs?

AODocs is a document management solution built for G Suite, giving enterprises a new way to collaborate on Google Drive with added security, control, and structure for all of your files and folders. It gives authority to the IT department as the sole owner of documents in Google Drive.

Features and benefits

AODocs provides users with different types of libraries designed to address different use cases such as team folder, secured folder, and document management libraries. Cloud documents can be organised into a folder/file hierarchy system that can be used by different team members from different departments.

The simplest AODocs library type is called AODocs Team Folders, and provides a collaborative experience very similar to an unmanaged Google Drive folder. Secured Folder libraries provides administrators with more granular control over Google Drive permissions, such as controlling who can modify document sharing permissions, and protecting the folder structure. Document Management libraries provides all the features you need to organise your cloud documents in a structured manner, set up workflows, implement business applications and integrate your document library with your ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications.

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Another nifty feature of AODocs is workflow. This is particularly useful for companies that go through multiple steps before publishing a document. For example, in an editorial department, writers can send their articles for approval to their editors. Once it is edited and approved by the editors, it will go to the sub-editors before it is finally published. AODocs simplifies these steps by integrating the process into Gmail. So, approval process can be sped up with no hassle.

AODocs also expands the capabilities of search on Google Drive. The AODocs Smartbar extends the standard Google Drive keyword search features by adding the option to search cloud documents in specific folders. You can even search for a specific file type such as pdf.

AODocs makes it simple to migrate files from legacy document management systems, implement business workflows, and apply document retention policies for enterprise collaboration on Google Drive. Systems like Lotus Notes and SharePoint are easily transferred to Google Drive via AODocs migration tool. Even the metadata are kept intact after the data export.

Success story

Euralis, a food and agriculture company is one of many companies that has benefitted immensely from AODocs. This multinational company, entrusted their critical documents to AODocs to create a faster and more agile business. One of the steps to achieve this is by going paperless. Euralis has transformed a complex network of invoicing and purchase processing with multiple custom-built applications on its legacy IBM infrastructure into a simplified, paperless system thanks to AODocs’ integration with SAP. Now, sending invoices is just as easy as sending an email. AODocs then manages the entire validation workflow and sends notification emails to the corresponding managers. The managers can easily validate the documents on their smartphones.

You can also be like Euralis and transform your business. AODocs and PointStar are working together as partners to bring a cloud-based document management solution to you. Follow the link to find out how you can get a special year-end offer for AODocs.

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