Why you should choose a Google Cloud Partner over Google

Should I choose a Google Cloud Partner over going to Google directly? A common question for businesses looking to transition to G Suite. We will help you answer this question and get you on your way to using G Suite as quick and easy as possible.

We have come up with a table to summarise the benefits of working with a Google Cloud Partner.

GoogleGoogle Cloud Partner
SolutionOne size fits allCustomised to each business
DeploymentOn your ownWell organised and strategised. Following Google best practice deployment model. Conducted by Google Certified Specialists.
Change managementOn your own with online guide by GoogleTailored to your business needs
PaymentUSDLocal currency

Custom strategy

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Every single business is different from one another and poses a unique challenge when it comes to making a shift to a new platform. A Google Cloud Partner will be well aware of this and will come up with an organised plan that best suit that particular business. With many years of experience working with countless businesses of different sizes, a Google Cloud Partner has the knowledge to make sure your company won’t be greatly affected by the migration and can fully utilise the services offered by G Suite.

Working without a Google Cloud Partner, your business is left with a one-size-fits-all solution. Even though Google products are versatile, companies benefit immensely from customized solutions that maximize ROI and productivity.

Migration expertise

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Any company that achieves Google Cloud Partner status has employees with Google certifications such as “Google Certified Deployment Specialists” to manage their clients’ accounts. So, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with experts in their field. Google ensures that these certifications are current and that the company or agency meets Google’s standards for account management best practices. In order to maintain Google Cloud Partner status, agency team members must take stringent certification exams administered by Google Cloud.

Using a Google Cloud Partner allows you to focus on work while they handle migration and deployment. With decades of experience combined, a Google Cloud Partner understands the requirements of each legacy system. They can deploy new products and seamlessly migrate your data with little to no impact on workflow. If you choose to migrate your company to Google on your own, it can be time-consuming and can interrupt the flow of your business.

Change management

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Change management professionals are vital for a smooth transition in a company. A Google Cloud Partner will closely examine the organisation, judging previous change patterns, methods that were successful, number of users, and the company’s needs. An implementation strategy is then tailored to fit the specific business. Preparing users for the transition and determining an efficient and realistic timeline are a large part of a successful implementation. This will reduce downtime and redundancy while productivity increases. A series of trainings will be conducted to ensure employees feel confident moving forward with a new system.

A lack of support and education can cause even positive changes to stall. Even though Google provides an online guide for change management, you will still need to carry it out yourself which could take up a lot of your valuable resources and subsequently affect your company’s productivity.


google cloud partner

Since Google is an American-based company, every transaction must be made in US dollar. In today’s volatile economic climate, not all companies could afford the rate especially in the third world countries. Therefore, it would be a rational step to go for a Google Cloud Partner that offers payment in the local currency. Sometimes, you can even get a better price on a third-party product when you purchase it through a Google Cloud Partner rather than directly through the Google Apps Marketplace.

Looking at the four benefits that a Google Cloud Partner offer for your business in transition compared to going directly to Google, it is a no brainer. With support from start to finish, these experts provide amazing insight, support, strategy, and knowledge throughout the entire process. PointStar which has been a Google Cloud Partner since 2009, is one of the experts available at hand to guide and assist your company through a smooth transition. Get in touch with us to get a free consultation.

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