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What do companies like Grab, Coke, Uber and HTC have in common? Their businesses are on the cloud. Cloud computing is not just a trendy buzzword in the tech world, it is the real deal. Cloud computing is an innovative platform that helps small businesses and huge corporations to manage all of their computing and IT needs instead of spending some unnecessary huge amount for the purpose.

“Cloud gives companies access to unlimited computing power at a marginal cost, without having to actually manage all the hardware, software, and networks.” – Julie Bort, Business Insiders.

Cloud computing provides agility, and you bet it is one of the most important traits in SMEs and startups to scale greatly. Agility is when a business knows well which operation and costs to eliminate so it can focus more on a much important thing such as making lucrative profits. No matter how small or big your company is; here are five advantages on how cloud computing benefits small businesses in Singapore to grow bigger, better and definitely smarter.

Reduce Small Business Startup Costs

There are myriad ways cloud computing help
s your businesses to save costs. Long gone are the days where companies are forced into purchasing physical hardware and software at a cost of an arm and a leg. With the digitization of physical server and hardware, small businesses should be able to see a decrease in rack space, power usage, and IT requirements. Hence, your small businesses will benefit from lower installation, maintenance, upgrade and support costs.

Amazing Flexibility

Fail fast, fail often so Ryan Babineaux said. More than often, SMEs and startups experiment with new things, testing out MVPs (minimum viable products), as well as stretching quirky business models that require plenty of resources. While some products/projects may be successful, others might just drain your valuable resources, time and money. The cloud is invented to help businesses pivot when they had to scale down — all just by canceling their subscription. Indeed, cloud is a true manifestation of the ‘fail fast’ startup maxim.

Over the Top Security

If any data is not physically stored and encrypted they are not secured is the common misconception in this digital age. Well, what do we know? With tech giants like Google and Amazon putting their inventive resources in cloud security, cloud computing is way much secure than your physical bank vault. Cloud solution providers work around the clock in proactively monitoring for attacks and fixing bugs to ensure security is always over the top.

Effective Collaboration

Unquestionably, cloud computing enhances mobility. Files and data are stored remotely in the cloud and collaborative works are child’s play. Working with cloud provides your businesses a continuous, mobile-ready, and most importantly data are synced instantaneously among your team members. Just like what the late Steve Jobs said, “I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.”

Absolute Data Management

Why risk your valuable data by storing them in old school devices such as the USB flash drives, external hard drives, and laptops, which can easily be stolen or lost? With cloud, your data are stored securely and backed up consistently so that disaster recovery is hassle free. On top of that, cloud effectively improves efficiency as businesses can get rid of their concern about power requirements, back office management, and software updates.


Regardless what your businesses are, the cloud is a game changer that helps any small businesses and startups to run their IT and computing resources like major enterprises at an affordable price. If you are looking to scale rapidly in a cost-effective manner, migrating to cloud is definitely your best bet! Check out the video below to be in the know of how businesses are benefited from cloud. 

If you would like to know how you can grow your startup better, faster and smarter do not hesitate to hit us up for a free consultation here.
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