Data security for a zero trust world.

Thales is a leading provider of cloud security solutions and services. The company helps organizations protect their sensitive information and workloads in the cloud, ensuring that their critical data is secure and available at all times. With Thales, organizations can confidently embrace the cloud, knowing that their critical data and workloads are protected.

Discover, Protect, and Control Access to Your Data with Thales Solutions

To operate securely in today’s mobile and cloud-first world, organizations must protect their data and control who has access to it. Thales solutions to discover, protect, and control critical assets enable organizations to modernize data security for a zero-trust world.


Cloud Security

Whether it’s using cloud services or storing data across multiple clouds, you can rely on Thales to secure access to your entire cloud app ecosystem and protect sensitive data in any cloud.

Data Security

Wherever your data is stored, accessed or in use, you can rely on Thales to deliver effective encryption strategies to protect enterprise from data breaches and achieve compliance.

Identity & Access Management

As your organization runs more apps in the cloud, you can rely on Thales to deliver secure, trusted access to all of your cloud services and existing enterprise apps for your employees.

Software Monetization

As your company shifts to a software-based business, you can rely on Thales to help you generate new revenue streams and gain more valuable insights from your software.


Simplify Your Cloud Security

With a centralized approach capable of protecting and controlling access to your data across all cloud environments. Rely on Thales to help you take control of your cloud security.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Our platforms can be used to simplify data security operations with centralized control, data protection and access management to your cloud environments.

Be Agile With Efficient Control

Data breaches in, and from, the cloud are a risk and as every cloud provider operates differently, a centralized approach to data security can deliver efficiencies and agility

How Thales Can Help Secure Your Data in Any Cloud

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