Let Us Help You With Solutions by Industries

We have worked with a range of B2B and B2C companies. It’s not the industry that matter, but the customer’s own vision that is driving a company’s success.

We have had the privilege of serving various privately-held and growth-oriented businesses from diverse sectors. We realised that our clients have a few things in common: they possess an entrepreneurial spirit, have ambitious goals, a clear vision, and aim to make a difference in the world. With these characteristics, cloud solution provides the security and flexibility they need. Our customers from the following industries had enjoyed a successful digital transformation.

Retailer & e-commerce

Every retailer is unique. Each must address issues of cost control, multi-channel retailing, and inventory management in ways that fit their business models and their operations.


Meet new technology requirements and changing customer needs by streamlining passenger transportation processes and using embedded analytics for real-time insights linked to your financial results.

Food & beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers and distributors operate within stringent standards for compliance and quality as they develop, produce, and take to market the products that consumers and resellers look for. To accomplish this and also mitigate the inherent risks in their business, they can benefit from modern food manufacturing software to enable field-to-fork visibility and the ability to turn product innovation into profit.


Grow your customer base and increase profits by anticipating preferences, providing compelling content, and delivering personalised offers and services – wherever your customers choose to engage – with a single, real-time media platform that provides insight into customer behaviour.

Software & Technology

Drive profitable growth and gain a competitive edge by meeting customer needs for acquiring, using, and paying for products and services. By analysing huge data volumes quickly, you can identify new patterns, adapt promotions to new opportunities, and adjust processes to maximise flexibility and minimise cost.


For healthcare organisations of every size and type, healthcare comes down to improving patient safety, treatment and satisfaction. To do this efficiently and effectively, you need the right tools. Whether you’re making real-time decisions in a hospital emergency ward, managing outpatient care or facilitating long-term assisted living, we’ve designed technology around your needs.

Finance & Insurance

To be successful, financial service providers must face growing challenges which include reducing costs, increasing security, and differentiating their product and service offerings.

Education, Training & Consulting

We provide technology to help teachers and students at schools and universities collaborate effectively in today’s multicultural and global environment.

Aviation & Travel

Adapt to the connected traveler and ready your airline to meet new technology requirements and changing traveler demands. Simplify and improve your end-to-end processes – from planning to operations – and gain real-time insights into passenger travel needs so you can offer superior service.