Providing Quality Cloud Services

Businesses need the freedom to modernise their IT and transform the way they work. However, selecting the right platform, building a multi-cloud solution and modernising operations is complex and difficult to handle alone. PointStar has engineers and architects that can help accelerate your growth and innovation at any point in your cloud journey.

Wherever your journey starts, chances are we’ve already navigated the territory. Our engineers have expertise and experience in all the major cloud platforms and technologies. As your trusted partner, we can handle your migration details for you and provide ongoing management and optimisation, so you can focus on your core business.


We have the expertise to support your IT transformation across all leading public and private clouds.


We serve over 2,000 customers across the Asia Pacific region from startups to global enterprises.


Our experts will work with you, one-on-one, to guide you through every stage of your IT transformation.



We want to help you adopt the technologies that will help you grow your business – whether it’s Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud or Cisco Cloud.

It doesn't matter if you need consultation on licensing, architecturedata migration, project managementchange management, training or technical support, our team of highly skilled and experience cloudifiers are ready to assist you.

As a cloud consulting company, PointStar has a full-fledged team of consultants to help companies and SMEs in Singapore. We have the experience and expertise in dealing with grants to assist SMEs since our team is certified in Practising Management Consultant (PMC), which is recognised by government agencies such as SPRING Singapore, IE Singapore, IPOS, WDA and others.

Our certified team will guide you throughout the transition period every step of the way, ensuring a pleasant experience for your entire organisation. We help jump-start your organisation's growth and achieve greater responsiveness in an ever changing market. Let us deliver the expertise so you can dedicate your efforts into improving and progressing your business.