Server Engineer

Workspace Collaboration (Cloud Computing)

Server Engineer

Our Server Engineer team has good interpersonal and communication skills to address technical problems early in the process to clearly define problems and expected outcomes to the clients. This position is able to design controlled experiments to determine incremental effects of business initiatives and product improvements. Also to evaluate and build reliable and scalable data infrastructure. Sounds interesting? Great, keep reading!

What a day at work for you will look like:

  1. Design, develop, maintain, and troubleshoot Linux based solutions and systems.
  2. Coordinate with cross-functional teams, such as Networking, Cloud, and Product Engineering.
  3. Interface with end users, programmers, vendors, and senior management on all issues related to the support of the product. 
  4. Define templates for documentation; ensure documentation is complete.
  5. Translate business and customer requests to technical requirements.
  6. Effective oral and written communication skills. Demonstrated interpersonal and organizational skills.
  7. Supporting servers running one or more Linux operating systems, such as Rat Hat, Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, SystemD.
  8. Handling UNIX system administration function, UNIX shells (i.e Bourne, C, Korn), UNIX network utilities, Makefiles, Git, and RCS.
  9. Handling building packages.
  10. Handling security setup.
  11. Handling storage setup.
  12. Handling cloud platforms such as GCP or AWS is a plus.
  13. Handling Dev ops Chef/Puppet is a plus.
  14. Handling auto-scaling, SIEM.
  15. Managing 10-100 production servers.
  16. Writing and maintaining scripts in development languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby, PowerShell, or Linux shell scripting.
  17. Responsible for learning new software development and scripting languages such as Ajax, C or C++, Java, JavaScript, TLC or expect.


Let’s get to know you!

  1. Having experience 4 years as system administrator linux ,windows and unix
  2. Having experience 4 years as dev ops
  3. Having experience using monitoring tools server 
  4. Having experience 2-3 years make using cloud technologies like (Google Cloud , AWS, Azure or other)
  5. Having experience 4-5 years experience make Web Server , DB Server , Kubernetes  and VMware
  6. Having experience 4-5 years experience maintain server with variant OS (Linux,Unix and Windows)
  7. Having experience setup , config load balancing or firewall as Loadbalance
  8. Having experience CI/DI concept


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