Data Scientist

Job Category: WSG Implementation
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Indonesia

Our Data Analyst Scientist team has good interpersonal and communication skills to address technical problems early in the process to clearly define problems and expected outcomes to the clients. This position is able to design controlled experiments to determine incremental effects of business initiatives and product improvements. Also to evaluate and build reliable and scalable data infrastructure. Sounds interesting? Great, keep reading!

What a day at work for you will look like:

  1. Oversee the data correctness from multiple perspectives of the data.
  2. Create clear reporting or dashboard as data visualisation.
  3. Able to create and identify the dataset schema for Data Warehouse
  4. Able to see and find the insight of the data 
  5. Conduct research from which you’ll develop prototypes and Proof of Concept.

Let’s get to know you!

  1. Have minimum 1 year(s) experience in Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, or related field working with Data.
  2. We are an advocate of training each other, if you’re a fresh graduate  from Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology, Statistics major or looking for a career change; feel free to apply with us. Diversity is a key value to us. 
  3. Strong experience in Python, R and SQL, PySpark, Graph, etc. and Big Data platforms such as Cloudera or GCP.

Where you’ll work:

  1. We are all familiar with working from home now. Even if you’re not near our local offices, we’re open to a remote working relationship in this position as long as you can commit with us.
  2. You want to be office based? We got you! This position will be located in our local offices at Jakarta and Bandung.
  3. Working hours? We operate within the Singapore time zone.

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