Manage your workplace, ensure safety, work better.

Industry leaders since 2007, Joan combines an ultra-sustainable display with five user-centric workplace solutions by gathering insights into workplace efficiency from more than 90 countries worldwide. The company understands workplace trends on a global scale and are eager to provide solutions fit for any company size, origin, and industry.

Meet the most efficient and easy-to-use workplace management system on the market.

Simplified room management and perfect meeting execution.

Avoid meeting interruptions, double-bookings, and under-utilized spaces. Book your favorite meeting room, build work, and move projects forward.


Achieve your meeting management goals by tailoring the solution to your needs.

Connect your calendar

Book and manage meeting rooms without context switching. Joan connects with the calendar you already use for booking meetings.

Show meeting information

Joan displays a meeting room’s availability, information about the next meeting and lets you book your time slot on the spot.

Advanced analytics

Keep a finger on the pulse of your workspace utilization to provide the best possible experience and meet the highest efficiency standards.


Meeting room booking tools

Joan 6

Perfect for management of meeting rooms, and huddle spaces. Book them remotely or on the spot. Its case includes LED lights so the screen is clearly visible in any weather and time of the day.

Joan 6 Pro

The next generation, ultra low-power, smart ePaper device, designed for advanced meeting room management of enterprises. Mount it wirelessly with the Smart magnet or use a fully wired PoE dock.

Joan 13

Perfect for large conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies, and everywhere else an overview is needed. It offers a comprehensive overview of meetings, and current information for up to 9 rooms. This is a non-touch solution.


Streamline your workplace management. Once you connect Joan with your favorite calendars and communication tools, scheduled meetings will automatically sync with relevant Joan displays.

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