network specialist

Why hire a network specialist?

PointStar joined the Cisco Meraki Partner Channel Distribution program in 2012. Since then we worked with various organizations to implement Meraki products such as Meraki MR WiFi APs, MX Security Appliances, and Meraki MR Ethernet switches to improve their networking infrastructure.

Our team of Meraki experts are available to answer your questions and provide quotes (as is often required for procurement in an organisation). We also install and configure Cisco Meraki products in a region and can provide everything from product recommendation and design services through to cabling and installation in a variety of environments.

Expert Deployment
Our team of Cisco Meraki certified experts will be able to assist your company in designing the right solution for your unique business needs.

Our Meraki support specialists are well equipped to provide the post-implementation support your organization needs.

Training and Development
Through our comprehensive and thorough training, we ensure your IT team will be able to take full advantage of Meraki’s vast range of features.

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