Google Drive for Work. Easy and secure file sharing.

With Google Drive for work, you can store your files in the cloud, share them with your team members or external partners and access the files from any device.

Since Google Drive is part of G Suite you can also manage the sharing settings for your organization and view access reports to protect your content.


Get as much storage as you need.


30GB of storage per user shared across Drive and Gmail means plenty of room for your data. And if that’s not enough, you can buy the unlimited storage plan for $10 per user per month. Accounts with fewer than 5 users get 1TB per user.


View files without extra software.


Need to open a file but don’t have the right software installed? View over 40 popular file formats with Drive, including videos, images, Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and PDFs.


Sync files with your computer automatically.


Sync all or some of your files to a designated folder on your computer. Any changes you make locally are automatically mirrored in Drive, and vice versa.


Other Benefits:

Google-powered Search

Stop the frantic hunt for crucial documents buried in folders. Simply enter some keywords to pull up the right file in seconds, even if it’s an image or PDF of handwritten notes.


Easy-to-manage Sharing Controls

Keep files private, until you decide to share them. Grant permission to download, edit, comment or view to avoid multiple versions and file merging.


Third-party Apps To Extend Drive

Use hundreds of integrated apps including DocuSign for e-signatures, LucidCharts for mockups and Smartsheets for project management to get things done directly from Drive.

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