MAP Active Centralizes Data Processing Using BigQuery with PointStar

MAP Active Centralizes
Data Processing Using BigQuery with PointStar

MAP Active embarked on its journey in 1995 with the establishment of two successful stores, Sports Station and Golf House. Within a span of just two years, the company achieved significant growth, boasting a network of 50 stores. Over the next decade, by 2018, MAP Active’s footprint had expanded to an impressive 1000 stores, culminating in its successful initial public offering (IPO) on Indonesia’s Stock Market Exchange.

In the same year, MAP Active forged a strategic partnership with renowned Indonesian badminton athletes Alan Budikusuma and Susy Susanti to introduce Astec, a line of locally-manufactured sporting goods. This initiative was driven by a commitment to support high-quality local products. The company further expanded its global presence in 2019 by establishing its inaugural overseas store in Vietnam, signaling a pivotal step into the international market.

While MAP Active initially thrived with brick-and-mortar stores, the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020 prompted a strategic pivot towards e-commerce. During this transformative year, MAP Active experienced a remarkable surge in online sales, recording a growth rate exceeding 380%. Presently, the retail giant is actively shifting its focus towards e-commerce, leveraging websites and third-party market platforms. This strategic shift necessitates significant infrastructure upgrades, particularly in the domain of data processing.

Streamlining Sales Data Integration: Transforming Inefficient Processes for Enhanced Business Growth

Historically, data from diverse sales platforms was gathered independently, necessitating manual consolidation for subsequent processing into a meaningful data visualization for sales analysis. This method, recognized as inefficient, consumed valuable time and energy resources that could have been directed towards more strategic initiatives, such as business expansion plans.

In response to this challenge, MAP Active strategically implemented BigQuery, a solution within the Google Cloud Platform. This deployment aimed to establish a centralized data warehouse capable of seamlessly integrating information from various sales points. Furthermore, BigQuery offers advanced data analytics capabilities, enabling the automatic generation of comprehensive data visualizations through Looker Studio. The platform is augmented by cutting-edge machine learning functionalities, facilitating accurate predictions of future trends based on existing data.

Seamless BigQuery Integration: PointStar, a Trusted Google Premier Partner, Empowers MAP Active for Optimal Data Solutions

MAP Active entrusted PointStar, a renowned Google Cloud Premier Partner in the region, with the seamless implementation of BigQuery. The entire implementation process was executed with precision, enabling MAP Active to integrate and utilize BigQuery effortlessly. The PointStar team remains readily available to address any inquiries from MAP Active’s IT team, ensuring the ongoing smooth operation of the implemented solution.

Looking ahead, MAP Active envisions the implementation of a more comprehensive data visualization strategy. In tandem with their strategic business expansion plans, the integration of BigQuery solutions is anticipated to enhance sales data processing and data visualization for MAP Active’s international stores. Leveraging the capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform, MAP Active aims to refine its product and service offerings, aligning with its mission to promote the health and well-being of the Indonesian population.


Right now, all data visualization needs, such as reporting, speed and features as well as automation are handled well by BigQuery usage. The conveniences facilitated by BigQuery also open new possibilities for future projects.

PT. MAP Aktif Adiperkasa (MAP Active) is a subsidiary of retailer giant PT. Mitra Adiperkasa (MAP). MAP Active engages in sports, kids and lifestyle goods as both retailer and distributor. Today, MAP Active boasts more than 50 brands and 1000 stores located in 5 countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam). 

Included in MAP Active’s numerous stores are some of the most iconic stores that are well-known to Indonesian people, such as Planet Sports, Sports Station, Kidz Station, Golf House and Planet Kids. MAP Active’s glimmering success puts them at the top as South East Asia’s number 1 sport retailer.



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