Safeguard all your data, applications, systems and devices from one cutting edge platform.

Acronis provides data protection software for companies, individuals, and service providers. Acronis’ scope of protection includes cybersecurity, hardware up to data recovery that are managed through one integrated solution. Other than their state-of-the-art security, Acronis is easy to install and manage through their intuitive platform. 

About Acronis

Acronis is a global technology company from Singapore that was created in 2003. Acronis’ headquarter is located in Switzerland. 

Acronis believes that data, applications, systems, and productivity of every organization requires protection from loss and theft caused by cyber attack, hardware failure, natural disaster or human error. 

Acronis would help you decrease risk while increasing productivity and ensuring that your organization is #CyberFit for system management that supports client’s needs, global companies, and organizations dealing with sensitive data.

Acronis Safeguards Everything, Including Hardwares, Softwares, and All Existing Usage

Through one platform, you can access hybrid cloud backup, data recovery, ransomware protection, sync and share files, blockchain-based file notary, and digital signature.

State of The Art Security

Acronis goes beyond just data and disaster recovery by protecting data and system with AI and Blockchain-based solutions

Better Efficiency

Through one console, Acronis simplifies management, maintenance, supervision, and billing so you could concentrate on more pressing matters

Flexible Platform

Acronis safeguards all your data, laptops, smartphones, hypervisor, VM, etc no matter where you are in the world

Unrivaled Speed

10x faster cloud backup compared to competitors

End-to-end Encryption

Acronis ensures your data is kept private while you are resting or traveling through AES-256 encryption that is protected by passwords of your choice

Total Control

Manage backups and recovery according to your terms, including remote access and cellulars

Acronis for Business

Discover various security solutions from Acronis for your company. Acronis would help you safeguard sensitive data and ensure that all your data is secure against attacks and permanent loss.

Security, Management and Backup

Disaster Recovery

Remote Access

File Sync and Share


Infrastructure Management

Acronis for Service Providers

Acronis provides specific solutions that cater to service providers to help them accommodate customers’ needs to the highest degree. From cybersecurity, data protection until security management, Acronis handles all internal and external security requirements so service providers could do business without worrying about data breach.


Data Protection

Protection Management

Acronis for Individuals

For individual usage, Acronis provides complete protection for your hardware and data while you are online and offline. All your sensitive data will be safeguarded through the usage of antivirus, data backup, and identity protection while you are browsing using desktop and mobile. Choose a package that suits your needs the best and enjoy state of the art security for you and your family.

Quick Backup and Recovery

Advanced Cybersecurity

Easy Management

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