Understanding Cloud Licenses

One of the issues for organisations looking to transition to the cloud is licensing. As the number of cloud service providers has expanded, vendors have created new licensing models or adjusted existing ones to provide additional flexibility. However, it could cause some confusion especially for those who are new to the cloud.

Traditionally, there are three basic software and hardware licensing types:

  1. Per user: User is granted a license to use an application or connect to an OS.
  2. Per device: An application or OS is granted a license on a per-device or per-processor model.
  3. Enterprise: This licensing model covers all users and devices.

What PointStar provide

PointStar makes cloud adoption easy. Since 2008, we have transformed hundreds of businesses and institutions. With many deployments under our belts, our consultants are no strangers to the cloud environment. Utilising business best practices and methodologies we have created over the years, our team of certified consultants will support you in the process of change management and adoption strategies tailor-made to your business. We understand that every business’ requirements are unique and will adapt to your specific needs.

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