Over the years and through hundreds of challenges, we have helped companies across Asia from India to Indonesia not just with software and cloud migration, but also with hardware. Throughout the continent, we have also come across several challenges not addressable with the available technology in the country. High prices of electricity in Singapore or energy-saving in Indonesia have become an issue recently.

In response to this, we have brought the Collinson Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) forth to hurdle past problems that shouldn’t even exist. From unexpected blackouts in Indonesia to loss of data in Singapore, our ultra modern hardware UPS devices have prevented hundreds of work and data from minor inconveniences and damages.

When used for the appropriate solution, the Collinson UPS can:

  • Simplicity: The Collinson UPS is easy as it gets. By just plugging in a few cables into the device, the machine is ready to run and ensure that your work isn’t prone to damage and loss due to power outages and blackouts
  • Implementation: Our technology assets guarantee the efficient solution to your inconvenient problems
  • Protection: Our technology is there to protect your data and work from any potential harm, much like a contingency plan
  • Wide Input Range: Astronomically wide input range to support areas with lackluster utility
  • Application: Designed to Operate under harsh environments. From the busy streets of Singapore, or the urban jungle of Indonesia, the UPS’s will remain unscathed
  • Configuration: Our UPS technology can be configured in terms of runtime. Hours or minutes, it can be adjusted to your liking

Collinson’s Power is the leading power critical solutions company dedicated to delivering effective and efficient solutions for homes, small businesses and corporations by providing IT infrastructure, such as the UPS. Their high quality products ensures that our customers are getting what they paid for.

We offer uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for various requirements.

  • UPS For IT/Critical Environment Harsh Environment
  • UPS For Outdoor Usage Power Pro PRO17 Series
  • UPS For Home And Small Business Power Pro 11 Series 
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